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The Roebuck Inn is a quality, traditional village pub situated on the outskirts of Banbury. Formerly known as ‘The Buck’, it was built in 1602 and is bursting with character to this day.

The Roebuck is a family business run by Nick Saul.
Nick started his catering career aged 16 and has continued in the trade ever since. His experience is vast, having worked in hotels, restaurants and public houses. Nick has just celebrated 10 years at the Roebuck on June 7th 2014, he spends his days in the kitchen cooking up wonderful recipes and prides himself on making all his own sauces, pates and soups, sourcing, where possible, ingredients from local suppliers.The pub offers an extensive menu including Steak & Ale Pie (made with Hook Norton ale of course), grilled salmon steak and a selection of steaks. A lunchtime menu includes a selection of freshly prepared filled baguettes.

The Roebuck is able to cater for any event including weddings, birthday parties or christenings and of course, always has a plentiful supply of Hook Norton beers on tap

Mothering Sunday

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Mothering Sunday –

In the UK, it is believed that the tradition of Mothering Sunday evolved from a 16th century religious practice of visiting your “mother church” once a year.

Most people would regularly attend their nearest parish, known as the “daughter church”. It was considered vital that churchgoers make an annual visit to the main parish in their area, and this generally happened in the middle of Lent.

In those days, children as young as 10 were known to leave home for work, but they would be given the day off in order to return to their mother church, so the event usually became a family reunion.

Children would generally pick flowers along the way, to give to their mothers as a gift when they arrived home. It is believed that this is how the tradition of giving presents to mothers came about.

From its religious roots, Mother’s Day has now become a day of celebration, where mums are given flowers and other gifts from their children as an expression of gratitude. Those extra special Mum’s are usually treated to a Mothers day meal at the Roebuck – so book now – before it’s too late.